In 2017 - I pushed myself to get uncomfortable.  But by far, the most uncomfortable thing I did is hit up Ben Aston of The Digital Project Manager  and say, "I want to do an advice column. You down?"  
As Digital Project Managers we are strong, caring and confident folks handling everyone else’s issues all day long. It seems that often times we’re the first to know of a co-workers divorce, their new gig, or mistake. 
Usually – we’re put in a position to solve everyone else’s issues but our own. Well, I wanted to carve out a space for us to say we have issues too and this is a safe space to air em’ out, seek advice and feel better. Luckily - Ben gave me a shot. To which I'm so grateful. I've had immense joy with the column and we've got some fun questions lined up to keep things spicy.

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