A staple in a city known for many things (beer typically not being one of them), Uinta has long treated their approach to the craft of craft beer with a sense of adventure normally reserved for the type of people who scope daring ski slopes and traverse off the beaten path. Their new website marks an evolution of the company’s adventurous offerings and brand new packaging, translating the two into the digital space.

“The Uinta brand is powered by experience and adventure and Struck was able to bring this to life on a digital level,” explains Lindsay Berk, Chief Branding Officer at Uinta Brewing Company. “Our website redesign was a collaborative, fun and strategic project and we came out the other end with something that, for a brand that organically interacts on a more tactile and experiential playing field, isn’t always easy to achieve. We’re excited that this new site will give us the ability to connect with our consumer base on an even deeper level.”

For the new website Struck adopted the same approach Uinta employs for brewing beer, crafting the site for beer drinkers who don’t just rely on impulse but instead seek out adventurous taste. This approach was dubbed the “Get Thirsty” philosophy – no matter what beer you’re craving, you can bring it with you anywhere you please. During the design process ideas, designs and copy were constantly held up against the question: “does this make you thirsty?” And not just thirsty for beer, but for brew information, new products, events and adventure in general.

Follow along with #GoesWellWithAnywhere and #uintabrewing to see what thrills are up next for this Beehive State brewery with a lot of pride.
See the thinking behind the new Uinta Brewing: https://medium.com/greater-than/pints-and-pixels-666c95f898c7#.1qovghqk9

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